What Do U.S. Officials Think?

By: Luke Ross

Firearms on a college campus is becoming an increasingly discussed topic. However, many states have made their decisions on whether or not it’s ok to carry on a campus. Focusing more specifically on the the state of Michigan, the state does not allow students or faculty (not including police officials) to carry on a college campus. In states like Ohio however, the state legislature eaves it’s up to the college campuses to enforce any sort of rule concerning firearms on campus. So who cares and why is this even an issue? Well in 2015 there were 52 US school shootings that left 30 people killed and 53 injured say’s USA today, https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rt.com%2Fusa%2F318169-school-shootings-statistics-year%2F . Out of those 52, 21 were at college campuses, that’s almost half! So no wonder this topic is coming up more and more in news.

Sergeant Delcourt, Michigan national guard and policeman had this to say on the matter when asked about his opinion on whether it is or isn not ok to have guns on campus. “ Personally, as a police officer I believe that only security officials like myself should have the right to carry on campuses, concealed or not concealed. However, just so most people don’t get scared, I also believe that if someone has gone through the proper background checks and is smart enough to use a firearm they should be able to conceal carry on a campus, this is because anything can happen at anytime and the police aren’t always where you need them to be.

Just because the Michigan law says you cannot have a weapon on a college campus doesn’t mean that people do not carry, that is in there car. Eastern Michigan ROTC teachers who wish to be remained un named for the safety of their job, have admitted to keeping their firearms in their car at all times, however, on some occasions, when teaching the cadets they are allowed to bring the weapons in the building but it must be in a supervised area at all times.


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